Instagram visuals
Visuals created for the Instagram page of Helsingin yliopiston Kalenteripalvelut Oy. My goal was to create a calendar with a distinct style and feel for every month.
graphic design, social media
Advert for Helsingin yliopiston kalenteripalvelut Oy to be used on social media, 2020
Kaunis maailma
Cover design for a collection of short stories
illustration, graphic design
Pattern design, personal project, 2020
pattern design, illustration
3D modeling
3D modeled trees using Blender using hand-drawn textures
3D, Illustration
An infographic about gender equality on Wikipedia
Tesla in love
Ideas for the cover of a book of poems
Graphic Design, Illustration, Cover design
Tervapääskyn siivellä
Design and page layout for a book about a historical villa
Graphic Design, Layout
Design and page layout for a magazine
Graphic Design, Layout
Calendar 2018
A calendar that uses historical images to create new views of Helsinki
Graphic Design, Photo manipulation
Project "Pohjanmaan helmi"
Re-imagining the cover of a 19th-century novel throughout the 20th century
Graphic Design, Illustration, Cover design
Nimipäiviin liittyviä sananlaskuja
Kuvituksia Helsingin yliopiston almanakkatoimiston Facebook-sivuille
Vector illustrations
Various botanical vector illustrations
Kaupungin valo
Design for a book about Turku City library's new building
Graphic Design, Layout
Book cover designs
Recent book cover designs
Graphic Design, Illustration, Cover design
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